Jul. 4th, 2013

Fic Updates

Jul. 4th, 2013 09:59 am
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Posted a couple new Hannibal fics on AO3!

Title: Gun Shy
Length: 12624
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Will/Abigail
Notes: My Hannibal AU headcanon involves Abigail moving in with Will to piece her life back together, and while Will gets all these confused twisted paternal feelings Abigail is not shopping for a new father. Inevitably their cohabitation leads to her breaking through Will's defenses and seducing the shit out of him. It was inspired in part by Halfhardtorock's fic "The Way We Sleep" which is masterfully done and needs to be properly rec'd here.


He’s not sure what he’s doing wrong with Abigail. He isn’t sure what he felt from her. For her he wants to be all gentleness and paternal concern and that anxiety he supposed was common to all new fathers, but the way she looks at him, sidelong, sighing, and the way she comes forward and then dances back over and over again – he just doesn’t know. He will never replace her parents, but he doesn’t know what she wants him to be instead, or whether she does, in fact, want him to be anything.

Read on AO3.

Title: Scent
Length: 2118
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Will/Abigail
Notes: She doesn't need to tell Hannibal what happened in the cool dark of Will's little house, because he can smell it on her the moment she walks into his foyer.


She knows Hannibal can smell it on her. She's become sensitive to his sensitivity, always notices the way he buries his nose in the bowl of a wine glass as if the primary pleasure of drinking is actually smelling. She notices the way, too, that his face goes still and his eyes glazy when he meets someone new, as if behind his placid mask he's cataloging every note of their scent for future reference. She tries hard not to notice the way his nostrils flare around her on the days she's menstruating. She knows that intimate smell herself, the humid iron tang.

Read on AO3.
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The minimum wordcount is 10k and final drafts are due January 11. I'm in!


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