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I've recently gotten really interested in fanmixes lately! I have difficulty finding new music because I don't listen to the radio anymore and we don't have a decent community station anyway that plays something other than the greatest hits etc. And since I listen to music primarily to cultivate various moods and atmospheres, fanmixes are the perfect solution. As I've gotten back into fic writing, I find myself listening to fanmixes more and more instead of my own collection of music (which is completely new for me, since I am such a creature of habit). Basically, if you haven't checked out 8tracks yet, you should give it a try.

Naturally, the first mix I want to rec isn't even a fanmix, per se, but it works incredibly well for a lot of my ships. It's dark, electronic, melodic, and fantastically sexy.

Title: Rome Is Fallen
Description: // for siblings who are more than siblings; for the silent language of glimpses and simple touches, souls intertwined and flesh clutching; for an all-consuming and self-destructive love, for the hunger burning in the eyes and the collusion in the evening with the very promise of blood; for you and me and rome

Track Listing:
001 - BEDROOM HYMNS - FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE [such selfish prayers; and i can’t get enough]
002 - DARK PARADISE - LANA DEL REY [every time i close my eyes; it’s like a dark paradise; no one compares to you]
003 - COME ON CLOSER - JEM [rhymthmic motion; raw emotion]
004 - PARADISE CIRCUS - MASSIVE ATTACK [love is like a sin my love; for the ones that feel it the most]
005 - LOVE INTERRUPTION - JACK WHITE [i want love; to roll me over slowly; stick a knife inside me and twist it all around]
006 - OFF TO THE RACES - LANA DEL REY [keep me forever; tell me you want me]
007 - SAIL - AWOLNATION [this is how an angel dies; i blame it on my own sick pride]
008 - CRY LITTLE SISTER - AIDEN [unchain me, sister; thou shall not fear; love is with your brother; thou shall not kill]
009 - SISTER - SHE WANTS REVENGE [her every word was in italics; as it would fall from her lips; the walls made of broken promises; he hoped wouldn’t be his]
010 - SOMETHING I CAN NEVER HAVE - NINE INCH NAILS [my favorite dreams of you still wash ashore; scraping through my head ‘til i don’t want to sleep anymore]
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