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Title: Untying
Author: Astolat
Pairing: Audrey/Coop
Rating: M
Source: AO3
Summary: Audrey wrote him brief notes all that next year. Today I went to the waterfall pool. It's really too early to swim but I went in anyway. There was no one else around, and I couldn't hear myself breathe or think, the water was so loud. I had to get out too soon because I was cold. Are you ever lonely?
Link: Here.

I haven't been successful in finding much really excellent Twin Peaks fic out there. The fandom's pretty small, and I think there are many more fanartists than fic authors around -- I'll have to post links to a few of my favorite cross-stitch pieces at some point. But this was a really good piece, a suggestion of closure that might fit.

Possible spoilers behind the cut:

The voice here is really what nabbed me. Audrey and Coop are perfect -- she's dreamy and dark, he's verbose and contemplative -- but there's a cameo appearance by Albert that offered an actual laugh-out-loud moment. The prose is sparse but nonetheless intense, the tension is taught, the twist is unexpected, and the only thing I wish is that this were longer. I'd love to see it expanded -- it would make a good novella at the very least.


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