Jul. 5th, 2013 09:22 pm
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I might be showing my age but I'm sad to see most of fandom moving to Tumblr. I love the Tumblr experience, don't get me wrong; I can tumbl all day if you let me, and its image-based content design encourages some incredible fanart. But I also miss the days when fandom was heavily text-based, when people had long conversations (in full sentences, sans hashtags) about their favorite characters' neuroses and predilections, when fic was gloriously long.

We were spoiled with the Harry Potter fandom, I think.

For the first time in too many years, I'm excited to be part of a fandom. Excited isn't even the right word -- these characters are lodged so deep in my brain that I have difficulty filtering them out in daily conversation, and everything I experience goes through the "idea net," processing situations and sensory details that might work well in potential fic. I remember when I first read the Hannibal books and watched the films and how into it I was back then (I actually wrote some fic, which never got noticed by anyone but my dear friend and beta reader [personal profile] lavinia). The new show is all-consuming. I find myself longing for the weather to change and the cold creeps into my bones so I can use that, too, as fuel for the desolate rural landscapes where these flickering images keep playing out against the pale cave of my skull.

The Hannibal fandom is promising now, and to add to us folks in the older fanbase, the reboot has spawned a new generation that has the potential for monstrous growth. The body of fanworks out there, however, is still quite small, and I'm half-worried that the instant gratification of Tumblr and its focus on receiving content instead of creating it is doing a great harm to the fandom as a whole. This is partly why I've come out of fandom retirement, so to speak, to start writing again.

Having said that, it's still frustrating to see really excellent but badly-tagged (or untagged) fic getting lost in the bowels of Tumblr. So, not to lead a one-woman charge back to more traditional blogging sites, I've rounded up some Dreamwidth links for the old-school users who still love a text-based fandom experience. Thus:

The Hannibal Exchange: Hiatus Edition
Signups end July 12 and gifts are due September 14. Minimum wordcount is 1500. I'll be signing up soon.

The Hannibal Big Bang
I already posted about this, but just as a reminder: the minimum fic length is only 10k and work isn't due until January. You can write 10k words in six-ish months!

The Hannibal Kink Meme
Everybody loves a good kink meme and we could use all the writers we can get! This is also a great resource for ideas for the exchange and the bang.

Hannibal Fics
Very young tiny community but might be a good platform eventually for reccing fic.

Hannibal Fans
General Hannibal-related news, interviews, and fangirl forums.


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