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May. 1st, 2013 07:47 am
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Last night I started transferring some fic from my old LJ archive to AO3. Fandoms include Watchmen, Hannibal (the books), Pirates of the Caribbean (be still my teenage heart), Pan's Labyrinth, and of course Prometheus. The transfer project is not yet done; I still have some Hellsing stuff to switch over, and I'm debating whether or not to transfer my Harry Potter stuff.

The thing is that my HP fic is very much associated with a different username and I'd kind of like to let it go. I have dreams of one day being able to finish it but at this point my life is far too busy and complicated to work on a novel-length fic that I started when I was fourteen. My writing has changed a lot (it's been almost ten years since I started it) and I find it really hard to work on something I am not one hundred percent proud of anymore.

In any case: currently I have a couple of fics in the works -- one-shots for Twin Peaks and Noelle Stevenson's most amazing webcomic Nimona, which I recommend to anyone who likes fun and gorgeous art and more fun.
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Title: Scratch
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Author: Gul
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Abigail Hobbs
Rating: M
Source: AO3
Summary: They'll keep each other's secrets, but their promise will be sealed in blood: the scratch on her neck; the scratches down his back.
Link: Here.

Incredibly well-written, an absolutely luscious read. Gul's writes masterfully, and apart from a few very small typos here and there (not so many as to be distracting), the text is professionally done. Furthermore, not only is her prose lush and surprising, but her pacing is perfect, going from tidal flow to staccato surge in a matter of earth-shaking moments. "Lecter was changing her already just from his touch, redirecting blood, rerouting neurons, while she became malleable in his hands. Like dough. Like meat." Goddamn, now that is how you punctuate a sentence. Honestly, this is so good I didn't ever want to get to the end of it. You only read a story like this for the first time once, because you will remember every word.
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Title: Blue Velvet to Moon River
Author: Gabihime
Pairing: Audrey/Coop
Rating: M?
Source: Yuletide
Note: Written for prozacpark in the Yuletide 2005 Challenge
Summary: He couldn't say exactly when it was when he crossed the soft line in the earth, in his life.
Link: Here.

This is one of those exquisitely written pieces that's going in a folder on my hard drive.... I'd read it just for the prose style if there wasn't anything else to recommend it. But there is, man - they're in character, their voices are perfect, the atmosphere has that Lynchean dream/nightmare vibe, which, combined with the miasma of want and guilt, is irresistible. In my experience, this ship has a lot of difficult hurdles to get past to maintain character, especially with Coop, but Gabihime manages it. Boy does she ever.
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Title: Untying
Author: Astolat
Pairing: Audrey/Coop
Rating: M
Source: AO3
Summary: Audrey wrote him brief notes all that next year. Today I went to the waterfall pool. It's really too early to swim but I went in anyway. There was no one else around, and I couldn't hear myself breathe or think, the water was so loud. I had to get out too soon because I was cold. Are you ever lonely?
Link: Here.

I haven't been successful in finding much really excellent Twin Peaks fic out there. The fandom's pretty small, and I think there are many more fanartists than fic authors around -- I'll have to post links to a few of my favorite cross-stitch pieces at some point. But this was a really good piece, a suggestion of closure that might fit.

Possible spoilers behind the cut: Read more... )


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